Grades 6 - 12

School Groups

At Leduc Boat Club (LBC), we are growing our water sports programs to introduce students to a variety of boating for students from grades 6 -12.

LBC recommends the two-person canoe, recreational solo kayaks, and the 20 paddler dragon boat as a starting point. Depending on group size, age and schedule, we can offer instruction in SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and rowing.

Younger paddlers can be accommodated by special request and with extra support from the school.

Contact us for more information.

Canoe/Kayak Instruction

Safe entry & exit

Manoeuvring and the handling of different boats

Games and activities to improve balance and skills

Student to instructor ratio of 8:1

The preferred group size is 8-16

Dragon Boat - Best Platform For Supervision

Very little risk of capsizing

Warmest due to the closeness of the paddlers (two per bench)

May – October (for Dragon Boat only)

Preferred group size is 14 – 20

Rowing - Limited Group Size

Sessions are a minimum of an hour and a half and ideally two hours

Suited for smaller groups

Surcharge for additional specialized instructors for 13 – 19 rowers

Limited group size of 8 – 12

SUP - A Fair Weather Activity

Can be worked in with canoe, kayak or dragon boat instruction

A higher likely hood of getting wet

Definitely a fair-weather activity, especially for younger students

Ideal for larger group sizes.

The preferred group size is 8 – 18

High School Rowing

This program runs from May through to mid-June and ends with a Junior Crews Regatta at Telford Lake.

The Regatta has other Junior Rowing Crews from the Edmonton area.

Our friendly and enthusiastic coaching staff have years of experience in rowing and are ready to answer all your questions about rowing.