This program designed specifically for teams.

Team Dragon Boat Program

This program is specifically for dragon boat teams. It allows the teams to book 2 practices per week for the rest of the paddling season. In addition, your team can choose one of the options below.

Paddling times will be 1 hour and with COVID-specific Protocols strictly enforced.

  • Come prepared to paddle as access to inside the facility will be limited.
  • Physical distancing is not required during your on-water practice and warmup but is required before and after and in the building and boathouse.
  • The team must designate a person to get paddles if required.

Option 1:  Includes the twice-weekly dragon boat practice as Alberta Government restrictions allow.

Price:  $100 per team member (minimum 16 paddlers per team) for the summer paddling season.

Option 2:  Rent equipment on a per-use basis. $100 per practice or a pack of 10 for $750. Must be paid before booking practices. Entry to the Leduc Boat Club Dragon Boat Race/Big Boat Regatta will be an additional fee (to be determined).

Paddle Tank Rental: The paddle tank can be rented for $250/hour with 15 minutes pre and 15 minutes post rental time.

Sign Up procedure:
  1. The Team Manager Registers the team.
  2. The team Manager makes payment arrangements with Leduc Boat Club.
  3. Team members can then register through our Team member registration page. Choose “I am a team member.”  Registered Team names will appear in a list to choose from. If your team is not there, the Team Manager hasn’t completed the registration.
  4. Booking Dragon Boats will be done online on a first-come, first-served basis by the Team Manager. A URL will be given once the team has registered and paid.
  5. Have fun.

All Leduc Boat Club Programs will adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the Province of Alberta. Programs may need to be altered while in progress.