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Dragon Boat
Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

The Dragon has a very symbolic meaning for the Chinese. A classic dragon has the head of an ox, a deer’s antlers, the mane of a horse, the body and scales of a snake, the claws of an eagle and the tail of a fish. With its strength and power, the Dragon rides the clouds in the sky and commands the wind, mist and rain.

The Dragon Boat is deeply embedded in China’s ‘Dragon’ culture, with each Boat having an ornately carved dragon’s head at the Bow and a tail in the Stern. The Hull is painted with the Dragon’s scales. The paddles symbolically represent the claws. In Dragon Boat Sport Racing, there are generally 18-20 paddlers per Standard size Dragon Boat and 8-10 paddlers in the Small Boat, plus a drummer and a helm (Steerer).

At the Leduc Boat Club, we have three 20 person dragon boats available for rent to teams. Members have travelled the world for competitions, including World Championships and Club Crew. Members regularly hold crew positions on the Canadian National Team.


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We are a member of Dragon Boat Canada.