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Outrigger Canoe Paddling started hundreds of years ago in ancient Polynesia. Polynesian voyagers used just the stars, wind & their paddles to travel thousands of miles north to what we now know as Hawaii. It is an integral part of the Polynesian culture & was an essential form of transportation. It helped sustain the Polynesian way of life- fishing, recreation & transportation between the islands were all possible because of the outrigger. Some of the outriggers could hold as many as 100 people. Today most of the outriggers are used for pleasure or racing.

Here we have several different outrigger canoes. Our outrigger fleet includes; single boats (OC1 with rudder and V1 rudderless), two-person boats (OC2 with rudder) and six-person boats (OC6/V6 without rudder). Our members travel to distant lands to race and participate in World Championships.

At the Leduc Boat Club, we honour the traditions by continuing to paddle the outrigger.

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We are a member of the 
Canadian Outrigger Racing Association.